O N L I N E    C O N S U L T A T I O N

This is an easy and affordable option for clients who are not looking for a full-service design, but want professional opinion on how to go about designing their spaces! This online design consultation is up to 60 minutes and hosted through Zoom. We'll discuss your space in detail and I'll give recommendations depending on your needs and requirements.



Fill out my online consultation inquiry form here. Please indicate all the questions and concerns that you want to consult with me so I can determine the extent of the consultation, provide a quotation accordingly, and prepare my materials before our consultation schedule. Feel free to share design pegs, actual photos of your space, and floor plans if you can!


Wait for my consultation quotation email detailing my fee, consultation schedule, and reminders for the consultation.


Once you're okay with the quotation, deposit the payment to secure your consultation slot. Upon payment confirmation, I'll email our Zoom meeting details and my pre-consultation reminders.


Send photos and/or videos of your space, floor plans (if possible), design pegs, or any document that could help me assess your requirements better at least 24 hours before our consultation schedule.


Before we start the meeting, make sure you have your questions, plans, photos of your space, and measuring tape (especially if we're discussing furniture!) ready to make our call efficient.


Join the Zoom call using the meeting details I sent via email!


After the consultation, I'll email a meeting summary and consolidated list of recommendations that I mentioned during the online consultation within 24 hours.


  • I may present rough furniture layouts and sketches, mood boards, photos of furniture and decor, or any visual aid that would help me explain my design recommendations during the online consultation. I'll send a copy of these materials after the meeting.


  • Production of detailed design documents can be included in my online consultation service upon client's request, subject to additional fees. Client must be able to provide the dimensions of areas needed for these plans:

    • Detailed Floor Plan and Furniture Layout with Dimensions and Specifications

    • Detailed Cabinetry Plan with Dimensions and Specifications

    • Digital-Rendered Interior Perspectives

  • Obtaining actual prices/quotations of goods and services from suppliers is also not included in my online consultation service, but I can provide ballpark figures and supplier leads to give you an idea.

  • Consultation Schedules: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday | 10:00 AM - 12:00 NN & 2:00 - 5:00 PM

     (No work on Holidays and Weekends for now)

  • Online consultations will only be done via Zoom.

  • I currently only accept consultations about residential interior design: condominium units, townhouses, houses, and small rooms.